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Capitola: We are not very good directors

Today’s “The only camera we have is a video one” post is decidedly not as good as yesterday’s.  We will include more text in this post to make up for it.  That said, here are today’s highlights:

The kayak catch you saw there was courtesy of Dino – he caught those using live kingfish outside the kelp bed in front of O’Neil’s.  The highliner position is a toss up – the first halibut was in fact bigger, but in terms of combined poundage Dino probably wins.

One of the excuses for poor quality of the video today that we’ve been field testing is “we were very very busy” – which is true.  We had the whole fleet out again and managed to send a few boats out more than once.  And of course everyone came in kind of at once.   So it is an excuse that kinda works.

We saw a few rentals that got skunked, but they were again in the minority.  Most boats had some rock fish.  And we again had a boat come in with some kelp greenlings aboard.

It sounded like bait was very very scarce today.  That has changed just recently as we’ve seen some sardines coming up off the wharf.  This has been the pattern – today it’s a little earlier than it has been.

We’re contemplating other ways to deal with the camera crisis right now – please bear with us.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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