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Capitola: Ed mighty hunter catches big fish

Ed and flattie
Our Eduardo went ta fishin off Soquel point inside the yellow buoy – turns out this halibut here went fishing in the same area. Guess who won? Ed was using a live sardine on a single hook live bait rig. He caught this one at 2:00 this afternoon. Just before he caught this one he lost another one in the same area that had bitten on a dead sardine and ripped a bunch of line out. Darn. Darndudeedarndarn.

Obviously, he caught some bait! It was very abundant off New Brighton beach this morning – when it’s not outside the marina it’s usually down there. There were some small balls outside the marina but he did not have the patience.

No wharf action to speak of. Bummer.

Ed notes that the water is looking awesome – the color was brown in some areas, clear in others, and there’s lots of bird life all over the place. Including some shearwaters which as you may recall we had clouds of last year this time.

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Capitola: These guys get the all, everyone else gets the nothing

Robert and Bryer and ling and browns
Robert and Bryer had a rock cod bonanza today – they hooked up on this nice ling and 25 brown rock fish 15 of which they kept! We forgot to get what they were fishing with, but they were up off the point in close by the kelp. These guys highlined the rentals in a big way today. We had a total of seven boats out, and it was Myron’s impression that most boats got skunked. So – way to go Robert and Bryer!!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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