Capitola: Ed mighty hunter catches big fish

Ed and flattie
Our Eduardo went ta fishin off Soquel point inside the yellow buoy – turns out this halibut here went fishing in the same area. Guess who won? Ed was using a live sardine on a single hook live bait rig. He caught this one at 2:00 this afternoon. Just before he caught this one he lost another one in the same area that had bitten on a dead sardine and ripped a bunch of line out. Darn. Darndudeedarndarn.

Obviously, he caught some bait! It was very abundant off New Brighton beach this morning – when it’s not outside the marina it’s usually down there. There were some small balls outside the marina but he did not have the patience.

No wharf action to speak of. Bummer.

Ed notes that the water is looking awesome – the color was brown in some areas, clear in others, and there’s lots of bird life all over the place. Including some shearwaters which as you may recall we had clouds of last year this time.

August 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. HALIBU77 - August 19, 2010

    Hi Frank,Ed,Anna and the fishing crew,

    I love this website, it’s so helpful and now that your on Youtube even better! I Subscribed : )

    Francis and I will be going fishing tomarrow 8-20-10 Friday.
    I am so excited just to be in the Capitola town, everyone is smiling and have’in a good time.

    Our plan tomarrow ,we’ll be using frozen whole squid and anchovies slow trolling the North side of Capitola in 20 t0 60 feet of water. I’ll be using a 3-way set-up with a 30lb. test, 36in leader , 3″ apart double 3/0 hook .

    That should work for all fish in the area.
    My target is halibut while francis goes for lingcod and rockcod, which ever shows up we’ll adjust.

    I alway remember your advice back in the good old days
    you always say,


    That is the #1 advice in catching fish.
    See you soon, San Francisco Rudy

  2. Keeny G - August 19, 2010

    Always cool to see Ed with a nice halibut, bait reports sound like a trip is in order to get in a halibut and what appears to be real nice brownie fishing. Brownie rock fish love heavy scent baits like cut anchovies,sardines etc. Pro cure sardine or anchovy oil also works out well to get the action going when the action seems slow. Pro cure makes a lot of scents that all work well, however for the lings and halibut a live sardine is obviously very difficult for the lings and flatties to pass on. All the flash,movement and strong scent of a live sardine is obvious as this years pictures prove.

    The time to hunt down a half dozen nice 5-6inch sardines is worth the pay off.

    Hope to here a good word on the albacore, something within 50 miles to go with the super nice afternoon weather.