Capitola: Ptewwwwwwwwww!!!

We have two nice photos on Ed’s cell phone right now, but we’ll be goldanged if we can figure out how to get them from there to the web site.  We really need Our Fearless Leader to just buck up and buy us a new camera (hint hint Frank).  (<——— FRANK <—————–)

Yesterday we had very little to talk about.  We only had four boats out and nobody caught anything.  ZzzZzzz.  Today is a different story.

The first of the two pictures we can’t show you depicts Irwin and his buddies with the 12 pound halibut they caught fishing outside the mile reef using frozen squid on a halibut rig.  The second of the two photos shows Kut holding a 15.5 pound halibut that he caught inside the yellow buoy in front of O’Neil’s using live kingfish.

All told we had a healthy 10 boats out today, and no skunks.  We did have a few boats that had only king fish though they were targeting them so really – they were happy.  The more significant catches included four halibut in addition to the two we already mentioned, and a bunch of small rock cod that showed up around the red buoy.

Peter tried for halibut in front of the harbor with no success.  He did throw back two legal lings and several nice vermillion and browns (enough for two limits of rock cod) from the same area.  They really wanted that flattie though.  His buddy Kut caught it in another rental though (see above).  Better luck next time.

Once again nothing of significance on the wharf.  Some small kingfish, a few walleyes and shiner perch.  The story is apparently different over by the cement ship – word is nine stripers were caught there last night and four the night before.  They have much more bait in that area near the pier at the moment.

Bait was in fact quite plentiful in the middle of the marina this morning  – Larry loaded up from there as he left early.  They were solid from top to bottom from 18 feet to 35 feet of water in front  of the wharf.  By 9:00am that bait dissipated.  Right now there are some pelicans diving in the shallows, but we have a full blown easterly going here at the moment – it is cold – so nobody’s fishing right now.

August 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports