Capitola: Small steps Ellie, small steps

Francis, Augustine, Rudy and lots of fish
So Ed went out and spent his own danged money on a new camera while we wait for the Best Buy magic to fix the old one. We have been telling “No Ed No – give the receipt to Frank, you R Tard” – but no – he’s got some ascetic thing going on. What ev.

And so with all that drama you’d think he’d actually have taken more than one photo today. You would be wrong sir. This is it – in all it’s glory. Read on. Enjoy.

Francis, Augustine, and Rudy were our highliners today with two lings and a whole mess of mixed rock cod. Augustine had the hot rod – he caught the lings, but looks like they were plenty busy all day anyway. They were fishing out in front of O’Neil’s using rock cod jigs and chunks of anchovies. Nice to see you guys back here!

We had 10 boats out today, but only four of those boats started fishing early in the morning, and they were the ones that came in with fish. The rest got blown off the water when the wind came up and ended up not having spent even a half hour out there. The boats that caught – aside from Rudy’s boat here – caught decent rock cod and some king fish.

Wharf: Zzzzz ZZZ z – Roy Boy is down in the surf trying some live bait right now – fingers crossed.

Word from the ship: [SILENCE]

Bait: Ed went jigging for bait today and brought in a couple dozen sardines. We don’t actually know how bait was around the marina this morning, but Ed got the bait he caught out around New Brighton beach. It was pretty plentiful, with mixed in small chovies to boot.

August 20, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. HALIBU77 - August 21, 2010

    Just woke up and still tired out. I forgot how much it takes to fish and film at the same time on a moving boat.

    Above all , I would like to say Francis the driver had the hardest job,

    steering the boat keeping the fishing lines straight and untangled while slow trolling in the morning searching for the groups of rock cod and halibut.

    My second fisherman on-board was Augustine, that guy was on fire!

    He followed directions so good he nailed most of the fish, including the 2 ling cods both 25″ and only lost one sinker the whole trip.

    If there was a boat on the water that day I could honestly say , it was hard . The reason why , the bait was not in the area or close to

    shore. That means most of the game fish and bottom fish are scattered.

    Knowing this ahead of time will prepare you for the day of fishing. We had 5 bags of anchovies and 4 boxes of squid, a live well and uncountable rods

    to save time from switching rigs.

    I wanted to redo a new Capitola Skiff Rental Video, it will be out on You tube shortly showing the area’s and information of the trip we took that day.

    I took the hit of not fishing much while I filmed and teamed up with Francis the driver and Augustine the fisherman.

    It was challenging but we pulled it off. It was a great day.

    I seen Ed , it’s been a while he looks great. That guys has been there when I rented my

    first skiff. He give’s his 100% customer’s service with a smile until today he’s never changed.

    I’m sure now allot of the viewer’s who rented boat’s and new ones will return every year

    to come out for the halibut derby and to practice their fishing skills on the skiffs and to find their own favor fishing spots like mine.

    My friends and I would like to thank you for your service at Capitola Boat Rentals.

    This is Rudy, out!

    aka “HALIBU77″