While the Stenographer is away, the mice will play…

Emily and Shovel Nose Skate

\” While the Stenographer’s away, the mice will play…this isn’t going to be a very good post. We miss the stenographer.\” -Ed 08\22\10

As you can see we have no Stenographer at the moment. He’s off on some mid-west adventure for the next week. So filling in for his absence will be Ed and Steph, please bear with us, we are not nearly as creative as our beloved Stenographer.

We had all of the boats out today, but other than some rockfish it turned out to be a pretty slow day for most, unless your target was Kingfish. We did have a kayaker bring in a just legal Halibut, but of course we were too busy to snap a picture. Butters claims to have seen a Vermillon today, however no one else seems able to confirm that sighting… There was some bait out in the marina early this morning, but it was difficult to jig up.

Emily was our highliner today with this shovel nose skate. This was actually one of four skates caught off the pier today. There were also a number of Perch and Kingfish; no sardines today, although yesterday we saw them in the late evening.

And that about sums it up.

August 22, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - August 23, 2010

    Bait busting around 2pm over at NEW BRIGHTON BEACH. Decent size black balls of obvious bait gettting moved around from below and dive bombed from the air.

    A view from the cliff to the beach showed larger black balls chasing the bait which given everything bait wise was being pushed up would indicate at least at least a few stripers. Never saw any seal heads popping up or anything like that. There was some fish on the bait and about 6 or so boats working the area so with the bait.

    There was four major groups of birds dropping on the bait f from New Brighton main beach down past the the bathrooms. The larger black shadows chasing bait hit the surface from below and disappeared quickly back down, the activity did not look like seals working the bait which means an opportunity to work some fish until the dogs discover the food is back. Sure looked good from where I was positioned in the cliff. Could not fish but with the bait and the nicest afternoon all year this would have been the day to go fishing. Tomorrow calls for more of the same. Early morning enthusiasts might want to give New Brighton beach a go tomorrow, the water color,nice hot weather activity and bait should all spell fish