While the Stenographer is away, our computer goes down. Oh darn!

Ed and Steph here again with the daily fishing report!

Basically, we have a really hard time without our Stenographer. It’s barely been 24 hours since his departure and we are already counting the minutes until he gets back! (About 8,640 mins or so…)

So today was just not our day with anything electronic. First our bait pump went out and then our main computer. Major bummer. So sorry guys, no pictures with this post. We’re working on a solution to this problem and hoping that we don’t encounter anything else like this while the Stenographer’s away! The Stenographer is working on troubleshooting our issues while he’s gone though, (he’s just too good to us,) so we’re hoping to get photos back up and running within the next few days…

Now, the fishing report:

We have a picture of Nico and his brother Kevin…but you’ll just have to visualize it: Nico and Kevin smiling wide with 6 Walleye Perch, a Pampano perch and a Jacksmelt. They caught them on the wharf using wharf set-ups next to the cleaning table. (We’ll post the pic when we are able to.)

We had quite a few rentals out today, a couple sight-seeing, a few fishing. Of those out fishing we only saw Rock Cod. В A private boat came in with 24in Ling Cod….and that was about it.

August 23, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - August 24, 2010

    The word “ANCHOVIES” coming yesterday from the Santa Cruz area?