Capitola: So apparently….

Nico and Kevin and perch
… “it is not my fault!” – Ed *and* Steph, ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY

The list of excuses is so dizzyingly long that the stenographer is still trying to get his bearings. Steph is now claiming that I may no longer take any sort of vacation that is longer than 48 hours. I just think we need to up the incentive part or something. Sigh.

Anyway, this photo here is from the first indication that things were going awry – this is the photo of Nico and Kevin all the way from last Monday when they could not figure out how to post pictures. The relevant text from that post is:

“Nico and Kevin smiling wide with 6 Walleye Perch, a Pampano perch and a Jacksmelt. They caught them on the wharf using wharf set-ups next to the cleaning table. (We’ll post the pic when we are able to.)”

NOTE that “when we are able to” was apparently NEVER. Sigh sigh sigh.

August 30, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports