Capitola: Guilt is a powerful thing

Sambo and halibut
Here’s Sambo with the 22.5 inch flattie he caught flylining a sardine from his rubber raft just now in roughly the same area that the photograph of the supposed dolphins supposedly jumping was pointed at. He was so close close to the beach when he hooked it that he actually ended up playing it out on the beach; he landed his boat and worked it from there.

Stephy channelled all the guilt she had from her somewhat lackluster stint as guest stenographer into a wish that someone would catch *something* today before we tucked the camera away for the night. It worked! Steph has some pretty deep pockets in the guilt department it seems.

Whatever – good job Sambo and Steph! Whew – it’s nice to be a fishing report again :)

August 31, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports