Capitola: Thrills! Chills! Action packed goodness!

A dolphin is somewhere in this
Those are just some of the things we do not have going on here today!! But buckle your seatbelts folks, for here we will try our darndest to put a spit shine on a smelly something that does not normally lend itself to shinyness:

Things are awfully slow in here Capitola. We only had one rental out fishing beside Ed’s, and that boat only caught a couple rock fish. It’s kinda looking like one of those situations where the lack of anyone catching anything kinda circles right around and becomes the very reason that nobody’s going out to fish. Too bad you can’t put irony on a hook – we’ll be haulin’ in monsters!

If you look really really closely at the zoomed in version of this photo, you might see a dolphin jumping out of the water – we’ve had lots of dolphin activity in here the last few days. Best take your time doing it, cuz it is the only photo we have today. Ed just took it to mellow the stenographer out a bit. It is not working very well though.

If it is sardines you’re looking for however, you are in luck. They are on fire right next to the wharf right now – you can jig them up with no effort at all. This morning bait was in fact hard to find, but it certainly has moved in right now. Roy Boy is one the case – he’s been fishing the wharf all day and claims he’ll stay on it til dark, so we’re all rubbing our lucky beads and hoping for something there.

Ed went fishing around the “back 40″ – from Soquel point to Seascape and from 80 to 30 feet of water. He was looking for ghosts. He did not find any. He did see plenty of good fish signs around Adams reef and spent some time doing drifts there with some bait he’d jigged up. He caught and released three short lings and missed about four good bites. He caught and released five nice octopuses as well. He thinks he should have fished there longer instead of looking all over the place – there definitely was some action to be had.

And that dear readers is the best we can do today. Please come down and rent a boat and catch some fish so we can de-lame this fishing report. It is so sad.

August 31, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports