Capitola: Fate rolls out the laugh barrel once again

Myron and Stenographer and Halibut and Rock Fish
Here you see Myron the Mariner holding what should have been the stenographer’s halibut plus the two rock cod that the stenographer caught and a rock cod that Myron caught.

As it happens today saw a repeat of a sequence of events only seasoned fate watchers would expect. That sequence is where Myron pulls up next to the stenographer, drops his hooks, and gets all halibutted up within about 10 mins while at the precise same moment (as signalled by the telltale “whoop whoop” from Myron’s boat) the stenographer’s gear gets all nice and snagged up in a rock.

As it happens this comedic sequence played out about a month ago, but you know:

“ha ha ha – fate has once again pulled a fast one on me hasn’t it – ho ho ho no joke is too old for good ol’ fate is it ha ha ha” etc etc. – Stenographer’s head 9/1/2010

(Fate ultimately coughed up a couple of nice quality consolation prize brown rock fish for his trouble.)

Bait has been plentiful-ish today. Myron left around 6:30 this morning – at that time bait was popping just outside the marina. He had some trouble getting them on the hook, so he thinks they might have been fingerlings. The stenographer found a nice huge super dense ball just outside the marina at about 10:00 this morning and loaded up with sardines and a kingfish before he went looking for Myron’s fish.

Right now bait is starting to come in off the wharf again. All in all lots of really good signs, just not many boats out there playing the game.

September 1, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports