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Capitola: 200 percent improvement in rentals!!

Robert and Bill and ling and rock cod
Robert and Bill were fishing in a rental off the edge of the kelp off Soquel point using live sardines today. They caught this better than legal ling there along with a couple nice grass cod and a big brown rock cod.

We had two boats out fishing plus Myron and the stenographer. Of the rentals it was a 50% skunk rate – the other boat had trouble finding anything. Myron and the stenographer also had a 50% skunk rate – the stenographer again found some nice large browns which he decided not to keep. Myron went on a three hour tour looking for a big ‘ol flatty – he did not find one.

Bait was a bit harder to find today. In the morning bait was spotty and thin though jiggable with a fish finder. Throughout the day bait was in fact popping out of the water all over the place though there wasn’t much to see on a meter. Around 1:00 this afternoon bait moved in very thick around the west side of the wharf – dense enough for a throw net. We’re not sure where things stand bait wise now.

Weather was again beautiful – no clouds, warm, nobody on the water, light winds. That”s supposed to change a bit tomorrow – we’re supposed to get some more fog.

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