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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: We are ready for our closeup Mr. Rudy

Rene, Rudy, Francis, John and a nice stringer
Rene, Rudy, Francis, and John are our highliners today! They brought in this mixed bag of rock cod fishing off Soquel point using rock cod jigs with bits of anchovies and squid. They said the fish bit all day long. An awesome catch you guys!

Rudy is The Man, by the way – he’s made a new video that just blows us away with its coolness – you can watch it here:

We only had one other rental boat out today – that boat came in with three rock cod that they caught just inside the mile reef.

Bait was kind of on and off this morning. The day started out extremely foggy which made spotting bait difficult (though it could be found). Once the fog cleared it was pretty easy to both spot and jig them. Ed went a little bit insane at that point and caught eighty of them for the bait tank.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a replay of today – fog in the morning and then clearing to warm and sunny ’til the wind comes up. We have a few more boats available yet for tomorrow, but you probably want to call to reserve one if you want to be sure.

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Capitola: That must be some kinda John boat

John and mess o rock fish
Here’s John – he went fishing with his buddy John on John’s boat. But John here had the hotter rod and caught all these rock cod on squid. They actually went over and saw Bocci this morning and bought some live bait from him, but the squid turned out to be the ticket today.

The catch consisted of rock cod – mostly browns, with a copper and a black to balance out the colors. These fish all bit around the west side of the mile reef.

A tasty meal to be sure – nice catch John – and John.

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Capitola: First a bit of unfinished business

Rob and striped bass
Last night had a bit of action that we didn’t post when it was happening:

Here’s Rob with the wharf-caught half of his highlining catches from yesterday – two nice striped bass. He caught them on live sardines under a bobber close to the surf. The first bit around 7:10p, the second around 7:30p. The sardines came in about 7:00p last night and he was using ones that he had just jigged up. Folks were catching sardines all the way up until it got dark.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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