Capitola: Team Alex is always a safe bet

Alex and friends and mess of fish
While Alex’s group did not in strictly speaking highline the rentals today, they did come in with a whole mess of fish and they did let us photograph them with the fish, so they sort of virtually win the highline position for the day. Rock. :)

The technical highliners of the day were in the other half of Alex’s fleet – they came in with more bigger better rock fish. They were fishing off Bomborra reef using rock cod jigs with squid bits and just plain loaded up.

We saw one legal halibut come in – it was caught out by the mile buoy early this morning. Several other boats came in with some nice rock cod from the same area. The area south and west of the mile buoy has been very nice lately.

We had everything out, and it seemed that most boats caught something. Not lots, but something and it left most people smiling so it was a pretty good day.

We were so busy that we didn’t get he pulse of the morning bait situation. However, once the sun started coming out Ed took to the water with a bait jig and a big barrel and landed about 40 sardines in 20 minutes. So it’s a fair bet that bait is plentiful, though none of the wharf yet tonight.

Our Queen Bee reported that someone landed a legal halibut off the end of the wharf this afternoon. We have no photo, but she’s the boss’s boss so you know pretty much yeah there was a halibut.

Word is we’re going to see another halibut come in on a boat in a short while – hope that happens it’d be nice to get another picture.

September 4, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports