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Capitola: Ed has lost his ability to think up titles

Doug and lingcod
Here’s Doug with the largest fish we saw come in today – a stocky 25 inch lingcod. He and his friends were fishing in a rental over surfer’s reef using rock cod jigs and chunks of anchovies. His boat also released a bunch of small rock cod. Congratulations Doug!

We again had everything out today – yay – and we are pretty sure we only saw one or two skunks in the mix. Most boats came in with at least some and in many case lots of rock cod. One of the rentals saw another one land a flattie, but we didn’t see it on the wharf so no picture, sorry.

The wharf has been slow today – Ed says he didn’t see anything remarkable come up. Someone mentioned that they got a skate off the end but we didn’t see it. There were of course perch. The derby by the way starts at 6:00am tomorrow morning – bring the kids – it’s always a fun time for all. We are going to haul out the video camera and get a few minutes of derby action tomorrow.

We have seen birds and sea lions and dolphins working bait just outside the marina all day long today. We didn’t have a chance to go out and jig any up for the wharf anglers, but we’re pretty sure we’d have done well if we had. Last night sardines eventually made it to the wharf – we’re betting on a replay of that tonight.

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Capitola: Adams reef is lighting up

Minh and vermillion
Minh did not bring in the most rock cod today – quite a few boats came in with a largish number of them – but he aced it in the colorfull and tasty category. Here you see him with a couple of the nicer fish that came in on his boat. He was fishing his buddies in a rental with rock cod rigs off Adam’s reef. In addition to these two fish, they caught 10 kingfish and four other rock cod.

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Capitola: If you converted these to tacos, you could open a Taco Bell

Andrew and stringer of rock fish
You might recognize Andrew from yesterday – he came in with some kingfish. Today he took a bit of Ed’s advice and went out a bit further – maybe by where the new red buoy was – and embiggened the quailty of his catch! He was using rock cod jigs with chunks of anchovies and strips of squid. He left a bit earier today, but mentioned that the bite seemed to go pretty much all day. Congratulations Andrew!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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