Capitola: Adams reef is lighting up

Minh and vermillion
Minh did not bring in the most rock cod today – quite a few boats came in with a largish number of them – but he aced it in the colorfull and tasty category. Here you see him with a couple of the nicer fish that came in on his boat. He was fishing his buddies in a rental with rock cod rigs off Adam’s reef. In addition to these two fish, they caught 10 kingfish and four other rock cod.

September 5, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. HALIBU77 click here - September 5, 2010

    You never know what you can pull up fishing in Capitola,
    but one thing you can be sure of it’s going to be a beauty.
    I guess that’s going to be one of your favorite spots to come first start of your day : )

    Great job Minh!