Capitola: Those do not look like begonias???

PJ and Alana and grass cod and brown rock cod
PJ and Alana went fishing with Tim on a rental today and did well with decent numbers of rock cod. They had some trouble identifying some of what they caught so they released a bunch that they likely didn’t have to. In the end they came in with eight fish.

We had everything out once again (and boy can we feel it in the achy bones). Today things were not quite as clear cut. Many boats came in skunked, but some boats – PJ and Alana’s here for example- couldn’t keep them off the hook. Tim said that fish bit wherever he dropped hooks. So hummmmm. Dunno how to call that ‘cept to say That’s Fishin’.

It was however a beautiful day on the water! It started cool and sunny in the morning, the a mighty fog rolled in that put a chill on, then that fog burned off as the morning progressed. Once the fog was gone it was lower 70′s, sunny, mild – nice.

Bait seemed scarcer today that it has been, but just 10 minutes ago Ed saw someone jigging sardines off the wharf. So it seems they’re being selective about who’s hook they bite on as well.

We have a video of all the goings on with the fishing derby today, but it’s taking forever to upload so don’t expect that ’til later tonight or maybe tomorrow (the upload aborted the first time we tried it – not sure why).

September 6, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports