Capitola: Billy and Rob are posessed (with lots of good luck)

Billy and Rob
Billy and Rob once again highlined the rentals today! They came in with a whole mess of fish including some big blacks, a really nice black and yellow, and some browns. They said they released four short lings too. They were fishing up off Soquel point using one of Rob’s specially made rock cod rigs. Which doubtless he’s starting to get plans to market them ;) ;)

They were one of three total boats out today. The one we didn’t mention had what they thougth was a legal ling – we think it maybe shrunk too much from the rigor mortis or something. Most importantly however – three boats (not many) no skunks!

Winds were lighter today than yesterday and sardines were plentiful in the marina in the afternoon. Ed saw folks jigging them up off the wharf from time to time as well. Bill and Rob are at this very moment trying some wharf fishing – when you’re hot your hot – maybe some news tomorrow morning.

September 9, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports