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Capitola: There might be fish served at the reception!

Chris and Kevin and lingcod
Chris and Kevin came in a close second with this pair of lings and a dozen rock cod you don’t see here. The caught these using live sardines out in front of O’Neil’s. This was Kevin’s last outing as a single male – he’ll be married by this time tomorrow. Our congratulations to you Kevin – we wish you the best!

We didn’t hear of much else off O’Neil’s, but Darn Glenn did mention that he was fishing out in front of the cement ship and battled a 150 pound thresher for an hour. He lost it in the end along with several hundred calories (though he’ll make up for that with some nice rock fish).

It looked like there was a bunch of bait in front of the marina from 9-11 am – rentals confirmed that plenty of bait was available outside the big catamaran.

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Capitola: The little guy ducking into the garage is Butters – he is shy

Justin and vermillion and halibut
Justin highlined everyone today with his catch – this nice vermillion and this very nice 28 inch halibut! This is the first halibut we’ve seen in a week. His boat was fishing inside the yellow buoy using live sardines. The vermillion bit on a megabait lure. Their boat caught four additional vermillion along with three other brown rock cod.

As you might have guessed, Justin was fishing around Adam’s reef (as suggested by the vermillion) – others did well in the same area. This has been a pattern – vermillion over Adams.

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Capitola: Their wives say they are too old to go fishing

Archie and Danny and rock fish
Archie and Danny were one of the first rentals to return home today. They came in while the sun was still shining (and Ed wanted to be sure he had at least one picture for the report). As it happens most boats did better than this today. We had all our boats out and most had one or two limits of rock fish. , Archie and Danny were happy with their catch, and we got our insurance photo, so all is good.

Oh – and we solicited a title for the post from them – they obliged – woot free titles!!!

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Capitola: One nice perch and you too can highline the wharf!

Dale and pile perch
Dale tapped into the only perch action we’ve seen on the wharf all day – this very large pile perch. He caught it using shrimp on a surf leader setup right next to a piling close to the beach. He actually got wrapped up on the kelp once in there – he was definitely in close – but it was worth it. This is the largest thing we’ve seen off the wharf in a few days. We heard that someone lost a flattie yesterday, but no photos or anything. Also someone said they saw stripers in the surf this morning. Take it for what it is worth.

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