Capitola: There might be fish served at the reception!

Chris and Kevin and lingcod
Chris and Kevin came in a close second with this pair of lings and a dozen rock cod you don’t see here. The caught these using live sardines out in front of O’Neil’s. This was Kevin’s last outing as a single male – he’ll be married by this time tomorrow. Our congratulations to you Kevin – we wish you the best!

We didn’t hear of much else off O’Neil’s, but Darn Glenn did mention that he was fishing out in front of the cement ship and battled a 150 pound thresher for an hour. He lost it in the end along with several hundred calories (though he’ll make up for that with some nice rock fish).

It looked like there was a bunch of bait in front of the marina from 9-11 am – rentals confirmed that plenty of bait was available outside the big catamaran.

September 11, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports