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Capitola: Gloomy days rock for fishing

Feddy and lingcod
Feddy was fishing in a rental in front of O’Neil’s using live sardines on a halibut rig – that was just the ticket for this 26 inch ling here, which bit this morning sometime. His boat also came in with a half dozen rock cod – blacks, coppers, browns – that they caught on rock cod jigs with strips of squid in the same area.

We had 16 boats out today – all fishing – and only three skunks! The majority of boats came in with at least half a dozen rock cod.

Today was kind of overcast all day long. The sun licked the beach for just a short while about an hour ago, else it’s been gray and cool. Bait was close to the wharf starting about an hour ago, as far as we know it’s still in pretty close. No problem jigging up later today – it was farther out toward the mile reef in the morning.

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Capitola: Whaling gets his whales

Whaling and ling cod
Whaling here raided the secret lingcod community strategy meeting today and made quite a mess of things for them! Pictured here are two of the three lings he caught today fishing off both Bomborra and South Rock (the larger one from Bomborra). He was using live blues and blacks on a single treble hook. They released four short fish as well. Every single fish they brought to the boat today was a hitchhiker – not hooked, just biting the bait. Very nice highlining catch Whaling – congratulations!

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Capitola: Adams reef must be pretty cool to look at under water

Jacob and vermillion
Jacob hooked this red beauty just off of Adams reef. He was fishing with Brandon using rock cod jigs with strips of squid and some live sardines. They also had 8 nice brown rock cod from the same area, and they released two short lings. Adams reef has been a gold mine for these nice vermillion lately.

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