Capitola: Ed is facing an existential crisis

This thing here is an anchovy!! It came from the New Brighton beach area. More on that in a sec. First…..

We had three boats out today. One came back with a dozen kingfish and a smattering of jacksmelt, another had two rock cod (they spent a lot of time jigging bait today, finally finding some off New Brighton), and the third boat caught six small rock cod, all released. Note that not a one of those included a skunk – woot!

The anchovies are a nice surprise – we’ve kind of been waiting for them to grow up and be big enough to call bait all season long. Ed is currently flipping a coin as to whether he’s going to spend his surprise vacation day tomorrow hunting for ghosts or jigging up bait for the wharf. He’s torn. The stenographer is betting on the bait.

The weather today was pretty nice. It was foggy in the morning (burned off later) but throughout the day the waters were pretty calm around here. If you wanna call it windy, it was windiest in the middle of the afternoon, but it wasn’t too bad and really you could probably have just fished all day.

Ed is noting that the water outside the marina right now is looking a bit brown, which is the sort of place that ghosts like to hide. Perhaps he will prove the stenographer wrong.

September 16, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports