Capitola: Fish tacos tonight!

Nocile John  Jason  Sherman and rock fish
Ed lost the piece of paper that had these guys names on it, so we are drawing from his 1950′s era Polaroid photographic memory (which if you remember Polaroids from back there, they were notsogood and kinda smelled). They were pretty excited about getting posted, so our shame will be multiplied if we messed up the names.

That said, here are Nocile, John, Jason, and Sherman with the rock fish and two lingcod that they caught today! They were fishing out in front of O’Neil’s using a combination of sardines and kingfish on halibut rigs and rock cod rigs. They said most of the fish bit earlier in the morning. Of special note: these guys highlined even Darn Glenn, whose fish were so small that Ed didn’t feel right taking a picture of them.

We had 6 boats out with three skunks. We blame it on the swell which continues to stir things up at this moment. Bait is very difficult to find, but there’s some in the marina and further out. A fish finder will save you lots and lots of time.

September 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. HALIBU77 click here - September 21, 2010

    Hey ,there you go! It’s always nice to see a full crew on a skiff.


    We all learn from each other on a skiff and I’m sure you guys will be back and have another great adventure like today’s catch.

    Bring your friend,family,co-worker or anyone you might think
    they’d have fun on a skiff.

    Those are some good eat’in fish by the way , GREAT JOB GUYS!