Capitola: It is a good thing we actually know these guys names

Nathan and Matt and Andrew and walleye perch
Nathan and Matt and Andrew took to the wharf late this afternoon and wrestled up 10 walleye perch! They were fishing between the gate and the sink on the east side of the wharf with surf leader setups and little bits of shrimp. Looks like these guys are on the path to stardom – this catch is an order of magnitude larger than the last one they got off the wharf. Way to go you guys!

Elsewhere on the wharf we saw one skate and some medium sized kingfish find fresh air. The skate was at the end of the wharf past the restaurant, and the kingfish were all over the place. Lots of action for the kids today.

RIght now pelicans are working just off the end of the wharf – hopefully this means bait!

Ed is again going fishing tomorrow – hopefully he’ll bag that ghost he’s been wishing on all season long.

September 19, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. HALIBU77 click here - September 25, 2010

    I love fishing frome the pier especially if i couldn’t seek out of the house during the evening time.
    10 walleye that’s great. The kids look so happy , good job boys! Hope to see you here again .
    HIGHLINER’S : ) noted in my book.

    This weekend should be hot , everyone come early and have some fun.