Capitola: Just pretend the wharf is a big ship

John and halibut
Here’s John and his first ever legal halibut! He caught this fishing off the wharf of all places. He was fishing between the gate and the beach using a live sardine on a sliding rig. Congratulations John!

You might well ask where that live sardine came from. Well, as it happens Ed went and jigged some up just outside the marina. Earlier today folks were jigging them up off the wharf (before some sea lions scared them off). Ed says that we currently have a mix of sardines and somewhat larger anchovies, and they’re just again in casting range of the wharf. Woot.

We had one rental out today plus Myron the Mariner. The rental got skunked and Myron caught a few sardines.

September 22, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports