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Capitola: Fish are like popcorn around here

Todd Scott Shane and rockfish
Todd Scott and Shane went fishing in a rental out by Adam’s reef today using a variety of metal jigs and shrimp fly rigs with strips of squid. They were not our highliners, but they definitely caught the largest rockfish.

We had 18 boats out with at least 5 skunks. Alex’s group caught lots of rockfish – small blacks and yellows, grass cod, and a few browns – fishing the kelp beds today, and we had reports of many undersized lings being caught and released.

There’s still some fishing to be had out there. Aside from what we saw come in on the rentals, we heard on the radio that someone brought in a 34 inch halibut outside the harbor today – nice if it’s real!

Weather was amazing. Some of us are in fact fuming about it ‘cuz this season has been above-average gloomy for the most part. Looks like the “everything is late by a month” theme is still going strong. We’re set forecast wise for another several days of cloudless skies and warm temperatures, so it’s still a great time fishing out here.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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