Anna Christian

Our Anna passed away yesterday after an unexpected battle with a very aggressive cancer. She was one of the kindest souls you can ever have had the good fortune to meet, and we are sad beyond measure that she had to leave us now.  Anna was “mom” to many of us out here on the wharf; she kept us in food and cookies, she took care of our pets when we were away, she kept us on the straight and narrow (mostly), and made sure the boats got out on time.  There really aren’t words for how badly we are going to miss her.  It is hard to imagine the wharf without Anna.

Aloha and farewell Anna.  Our thoughts and hearts go with you.


The whole wharf gang

February 1, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Katie Stanton - February 1, 2011

    Very nicely written. My thoughts and love are with all of you in this sad time.

  2. dan & tina - February 1, 2011

    The Williams family is very sad.We will miss Anna very much.

  3. Michelle - February 2, 2011

    Anna was such a kind soul…I will never ever forget our talks…she was so open and caring…and so patient and wise…

    I will miss you Anna…God Bless!!!

  4. Marc and Logan - February 2, 2011

    Logan and I will miss her too. She was always so nice to my son when we came to the shop.

  5. mike johnson 'small axe' - February 2, 2011

    Such sad news.Thoughts and prayers to Anna’s family…she left way too soon..The wharf will not be the same without her presence and I am blessed to have known her.

  6. Sonny - February 2, 2011

    We will miss her,
    She was always so helpful and friendly, we had no idea. Our best to her family and the wharf gang,

  7. Jeff, Jeffrey and Kyle - February 3, 2011

    Anna will be greatly missed by my kids and I. She was one of a kind and always took the time to update us on fishing or just say hi. She made visiting the wharf feel like we were one of the gang.

  8. Ed Lee - February 3, 2011

    I’m saddened by her passing. She was always friendly and helpful. Best wishes to her family and friends

  9. Meg & Jeff B - February 3, 2011

    Anna will be greatly missed!!! We always looked forward to seeing her at the bait shop when we were in town, she was always the sweetest!!!

  10. kenny g - February 4, 2011

    Anna will always be with us in our hearts as she gave all of hers to so many. Annas legacy of kindness and compassion to all will never be forgotten.

  11. JOHN ROHR - February 5, 2011


  12. Damien - February 6, 2011

    Anna was a very nice lady and I am soo sad to hear she had to battle that disease. With Anna looking over us, I bet we have some great fishing this year. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.


  13. Heidy Kellison - February 7, 2011

    We’re so sad about this. She was such a special lady and I doubt our 4 legged family members will ever stop looking for her. Our sympathies to the entire family, including her pier family.

  14. Peter, Heidy, and Chase (and the dogs, Bentley and Beazley) - February 7, 2011

    We are so sad to hear this news. Anna was so kind to all of us, and the dogs will sorely miss her (as well as the treats she kept on hand to give to them). Our hearts go out to all who knew her, and especially to the wharf gang.

  15. brent - February 9, 2011

    oh man, this is just awful news. I live right up the hill and the wharf wont be the same without her. so sorry to read this…

    Last year we did a cancer event (Pay It Forward Paddle) for a friend in SC, and you all were kind enough to offer us a free boat for safety purposes for the paddle, think we owe you one. Well be in contact. We’d like to honor her at this years event.

  16. Capitola Boat and Bait - February 10, 2011

    Brent I think that is an awesome idea. Please let us know if there’s anything you need from us to make that happen.

  17. brent - February 11, 2011

    I will try to stop by saturday to chat about it, the event for 2011 is in July.

    If i cant get there Saturday, it might be next weekend.. But I will be by!

  18. Rui Machado - February 12, 2011

    A wounderfull light from this earth has dimmed, but not gone out, her love for all true an kind will be burning forever. Thank you Anna, from this crazy portugese fisherman, we will miss you all.

  19. Maryann - February 16, 2011

    So sad to hear of Anna’s passing :-( We’ve been renting boats there for many years and she was definately one of the highlights of our day. I would tell my husband to hurry up, don’t want to be late, Anna will get on us if we are! We will miss her very much…

    The O’Briens

  20. alex sigala - February 22, 2011

    My Deepest Regards from myself and my Family to Anna’s Family and friends at the Wharf

    The dozen or so times that me and my sons have visited the Capitola pier for fishing or walking. We have stoped at the store and always been greeted with a warm smile by Anna. She had always offered great advise for fishing with no hesitation unlike some places. That is why we keep comming back !! We will miss her to. Best wishes to all on the wharf who knew her well. alexander sigal

  21. Shawn and Josh - March 7, 2011

    we love you Anna and will miss you very much! We know you will be with us the next time we catch a big seabass!

  22. wilma thompson - April 28, 2011

    Mahalo to everyone for their best wishes for our sister.Thanks to everyone who was at her celebration last Saturday.She was truly one of a kind,she will be missed terribly.Special thanks to Frank and Sally…..Aloha…Wilma,Helen and Tony…