Capitola: Wiatt and walleye.

Fishing on the wharf has been very, very, slow this last month. So its nice this littel guy bag 4 perch in less than minutes. theres been 2 small lepored sharks this last week. But not much to post. There was only one keeper salmon brought in today from one of the private boats.

April 17, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Kenny G. - April 17, 2011

    Check out the outdoor news forum website. On April 9th -2011 anglers fishing north of Dana Point caught what is being called a world record white sea bass on #20lb test. The anglers apparently ran into a school of monster white sea bass getting broken off several times before tying a proper Palomar knot and stopping the 76-8 0unce beast.

    Each year more and more of the year round pen raised white sea bass project fish are making there way to Catalina island chasing squid then working there way through our waters north to San Francisco. More Tagged White bass being taken in our waters each year.

    With all the squid and sardines in the bay right now anything is possible and the squid in particular as well as sardines two tip baits for white sea bass.

    If Commercial bait hunters give us a break we should see some really good action this year.