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Capitola: Another first for the wharf.

Capitola: Rayan with a halibut.
Ryan landed this 23 incher jigging a Berkley zoom lure. Carolina rig.

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Capitola: And one more.

Capitola: Art and the biggest of the day.
Art was fishing out in front of the harbor in 50 feet of water using frozen squid.They caught a dozen brown cod as well.

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Capitola: Halibut are Happening!

Capitola: Neftali and Halibut
The Halibut just keep coming in today. Neftali bagged these two Halibut fishing the edge of the kelp bed just off the west side of the pier using live sardines…he lost three others.

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Capitola: 3 Halibut in a Row on Our Side!

Capitola: Brad and John with Halibut
Brad and John bagged these 3 Halibut off The Point in 40ft of water using live Mackeral that they were able to jig up.

The boats are just starting to come in now, so we’re hoping we see some more action…

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Capitola: Ahhh the Meat’s Blue

Capitola: Eric and Ling
This is the only fish Eric caught today. They were fishing the kelp beds off of Capitola Reef using Rock Cod rigs with chunks of squid. Nice Ling Eric!

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Capitola: Larry with the First Legal Striper Off the Wharf!

Capitola: Larry and Striper
Larry bags the first legal Striper down in the surf line using a live sardine under a bobber. (Thanks Butters for jigging up some bait!) Looks like there is a lot of bait in the marina and some bird action happening. We’ve already had people jigging up anchovies and sardines off the end of the wharf this morning–we can only hope it gets better from here.

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