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Capitola: Only one boat post?

Capitola: Gary and ling cod
Darn, I had to get gas and so I missed a few good post. There were a few boat’s that did well with cod today. but anyway this is Gary with a keeper ling he caught fishing off the point. Using squid.

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Capitola: Roy is Killing the Stripers Today

Capitola: Roy and Another Striper
So Roy and Joey have an on-going bet on Stripers at the moment and Roy is definitely winning. This is the second Striper he’s landed today weighing in at just over 8lbs. It was caught at the surf line on a live sardine below a bobber. Roy is very proud of his catch, bragging that he is the “Hero of the Wharf” today. Don’t ever make a bet with Roy.

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Capitola: Watch out Joey!

Capitola: Roy Boy and Striper
Roy-Boy bags his first legal Striper of the year at 24″. He caught it in the surf line using a live Shiner under a bobber.

The bait still appears to be outside the marina, however Ed saw some Sardines getting caught off the end of the wharf as he was leaving last night.

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