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Capitola: And My favorite for this epic day.

Capitola: .
Mark, live sardine mile reef.

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Capitola: Nice ling Tommy.

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Mile reef Live sardine.

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Capitola: Thanks Myron for the life jacket.

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Capitola: Limit’s for Jojo and Larry.

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Larry and Jojo were trolling out on the west edge of the hole. Jojo’s biggest fish was 26 Pound’s.

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Capitola: Dean with a 14 pound halibut.

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Dean bag this halibut, fishing outside the kelp off the point.

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Santa Cruz: These Kids Rock

Santa Cruz: John
Believe it or not, these young fishermen filleted their own fish.

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Capitola: Even the Kids are Having Fun

Capitola: Garrison & Gabriella Pompano Perch
A lot of bait fish are around the pier. Garrison and Gabriella are posing here with a Pompano Perch. This is just one fish from their catch today, they also managed to jig up a couple Mackerel and a couple Anchovies.

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Capitola: And a Little Kayak Action…

Capitola: Ken with Striper and Leopard Shark
Ken landed this Striped Bass and Leopard SHark fly-lining Sardines down off of New Brighton. He also lost two other fish in that area. Getting up before the crack of dawn paid off.

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Capitola: From Bait to Fish Real Quick!

Capitola: And Orlando with Striper
Here’s Orlando again, only this time he has more than just bait fish! Those bait fish quickly landed him a 10lb Striper. He was fishing midway down the West side of the pier using a sardine under a bobber. Ed was right, today is definitely looking good. Wonder what the boats will come in with…All the rentals are out and we launched quite a few private boats as well.

And another quick update! Mike just walked in with the news that someone on a paddle board off the kelp bed on the West side of the pier just came in with a an 8lb Seabass.

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Capitola: Bait Fish are Back Within Jigging Range of the Wharf

Capitola: Orlando with Mackeral
Orlando is having a ton of fun catching bait fish off the end of the wharf. Some of the other anglers are using these bait fish in the surfline. We’ve already seen a Leopard Shark hooked and released and a Striper missed. Looks like it is going to be a really nice day… we hope to see more action!

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