Capitola: Cod, best I’ve seen in years.

Capitola: .
We don’t know If she is Nicole Dawang or Nicole and Dawang. Even so she is. our high liner today with this 14.5 pound halibut and a nice catch of cod. They were fishing out past the mile reef. using squid on halibut rigs. There were lots of limits of cod today, and a few more halibut, and a thresher shark. I didn’t get a photo of. I’ve herd of many threshers mostly between the cement ship and new Brighton. Bait, the sardines were hard to find if you got out late. I was told there has been sardines caught off the Santa Cruz Wharf the last two days. P.s. tomorrow is the wharf to wharf so get here early before five am they will shut down the road by than.

July 23, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports