Capitola: Salmon at the Mile Reef!

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Shawn and Greg targeted Salmon mooching out off of the Mile Reef today. They saw bait popping out of the water, dropped down some Anchovies on a barbless cirle hook and got one at 20 ft and the other at 45 ft, right off the bottom. They dropped these two off and then went back out to try for some Rock Cod–only caught a few. Nice job guys!

July 29, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Shawn - July 29, 2011

    Thanks to Ed and staff for the tips on bait balls and keeping our salmon while targeting rockfish and halibut.

    My bro and I talked about targeting salmon the nite before like we used to back in the day and when Ed told us bait was in the water we put on the circle hooks and went looking. We started at the mile reef but caught the fish out deeper. We kept moving and looking for bait boils. If the bait boils stopped we moved again and again till Greg finally got a hit. With circle hooks let the fish take the bait and wait till the rod is bending. Take a net. First fish was a keeper. 20 min later and after a couple more moves my pole bobbed and waited for something… Started slow reeling and landed the 10 pounder. Two in the box by 9:00 AM and no more bites by 10:00. Had to drop off salmon in order to switch to barbed hooks.