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Capitola: We Hope to See One of These in Your (Rental) Boat This Weekend!

Capitola: Seabass for Ed
Ed caught this 37 pounder in his “secret spot” (but he did tell us that this spot was within our rental boundaries!) He was using a live Sardine on a live bait leader with a 2oz weight.

“I hope you see this Doug.” -Ed (Whatever that means…)

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Capitola: Just Follow Ed…But Remember to Stop and FIsh!

Capitola: Mark and Halibut
Mark followed Ed out to some deeper water (70ft, straight off the pier,) and hooked up on this 19lb Halibut using frozen Squid on a Halibut rig. Ed saw Juan working the same area come up with a smaller Halibut. Ed was the man to follow for luck today!

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Capitola: It Really Only Takes One Fish to Make a Day

Capitola: .
Max was fishing off of the Mile Reef using Squid on a Rock Cod jig when he landed this Olive Rock Cod.

In another boat, Joey got a 26″ Halibut fishing the same area. A few other rentals had luck with Rock Cod.

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