Capitola: Mark Gets His Limits Between the Mile Reef & Adams!

Capitola: .
Mark did the best today out of our rental boats with these three Halibut. Some of the boats did very well with Rock Cod and it looked like it was pretty good fishing around Sponge Bob, Adams and Boomer. The Flatties today were a little on the smaller side–the largest was the 9 pounder off of the wharf.

The White Seabass (posted earlier) have been out off of the Pajaro, however one of the private boats out today did see a school out off of Soquel Point in 60 feet of water. Ed is faced with a hard decision for his day off tommorrow: Does he go down to Pajaro or stick around his own backyard?

As for the wharf, we saw lots of Shiners and Walleyes and the Halibut that was posted earlier. Looks like the bait is moving in close though.

August 14, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports