Capitola: Cross Your Fingers For a Fog-Free Day Tomorrow! High Overcast Would Work.

Capitola: .
Well, Ed was pacing the deck this morning saying to himself “I could have let boats out today!”…and then a big set would come by and he would feel much better about his decision. AS FOR TOMORROW, AT THIS TIME ED IS GIVING HIS OK FOR THE BOATS TO GO OUT, under the condition that the fog is not the dense low fog that we sometimes see out here. If there is dense fog, you’ll have to wait for it to clear. But at this time we’re hoping that we can get back to business as usual!

The swell today isn’t as big as they were predicting and it isn’t as bad as it was yesterday. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping this trend continues and it turns out to be even smaller tomorrow.

As for the picture, Here’s Jim’s daughter Shea and Jim’s friend Dave with their catch. They caught them in the same area as yesterday 65-75 feet of water, straight out in front. Caught on the troll, 30 feet on the wire and 65 pulls on a small Deep-Six Diver with a silver Apex.

September 3, 2011   Posted in: Fishing Reports