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Capitola: I wish I had some of Miguel’s luck.

Capitola: .
16 pounds between Sponge Bob and Mile reef, on an Anchovy.

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Capitola: Matt & Markus .

Capitola: .

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Capitola: A very happy Davin Erbes.

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After a year of no fishing, Davin and his dad were willing to forgo a few showers to give it a try. We suggested to try in the surf line, and with in minutes Davin entice this nice Calico perch on shrimp.

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Santa Cruz: I am your fearless leader

Santa Cruz: Fearless isn't he
Hear me roar!

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Capitola: Two done and 18 more to go.

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And still not a fish to post.

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Capitola: One done, 19 more to go.

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There hasn’t been much to post. Same thing a few sand soles and perch off the wharf. And not much on the boats.

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