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Capitola: Josh Doesn’t Want In On the Picture…

Capitola: Glen with Salmon Limit
Josh and Glen went out this morning using blue Kajikis and both came in with their two fish: a twelve pounder, 2 ten pounders and a nine pounder. We could only get a picture with Glen and his two, Josh didn’t want in on it. I’m sure we’ll get a shot of him at some point this season…eventually.

That’s all the info we could get out of them!

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Capitola: Larry Paid the Dues Yesterday!

Capitola: Larry and Eric
Larry was one of the boats yesterday that only came in with one fish (and it wasn’t even his fish…) but today was a much different story! Larry and his son Eric were back on the deck today at 9:15am with limits. They got these fish in 280 feet of water, 50 feet down, on a blue Kajiki. The Salmon were not going for the Purple Haze. They won’t tell us where exactly they were fishing, but we do know the fleet is down off of Mulligan’s today.

Looks like a nice day for a boat ride even if you don’t want to chase Salmon! We’ve got plenty of boats available today, only a small part of the wharf gang seems to be out there fishing…everyone must be tied up at Easter Brunch! Happy Easter to all those celebrating today. Come down and enjoy the sunny weather with us!

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