Capitola: No Limits for Larry Today… (ALSO, WHARF CLOSED TOMORROW!)

Capitola: Terry
…but Terry did come in with the biggest fish of the day! They were fishing the west side of the hole with everyone else. They released five short fish and lost at least another four. Everyone is saying the problem is with using a big flasher, since these fish are shallow when the fish comes up to the surface they’re throwing the hook. Most of the other boats were having luck using spoons or hootchies with small flashers.

Out of seven private boats we had 17 salmon come in. None of our rentals came in with any Salmon, however one rental caught and released one that was short.

Also, just a head’s up: Sad news, but the wharf is going to be closed because the City will be walking a crane out to replace the pilings for the floating dock. If there’s any change, we’ll be sure to update with a post!

April 15, 2012   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. mark - April 15, 2012

    Oh no! When will they be closing it and for how long? That is terrible news.