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Capitola: The guys are working over time.

Capitola: .
It’s 6:30 and there almost past the store, so we will be open tomorrow.

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Capitola: Wharf is open to foot traffic.

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They are trying to get the cairn out past us to day so we mite be able to launch boat tomorrow.
I just won’t have much room for private launches. I try to do another post later to day.

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Capitola: Gone fishing.

Capitola: Me and Myron
Myron and I siled out and got back in with early limits. Although it did take some time for me to get My fish. We were trolling the west side of the hole 49 00 300 to 600 feet of water. 50 to 70 on the wire. Green and purple haze behind a red hot spot work best for us. Kurtis was coming back in before we even got to the fleet with limits. He got his fish 35 on the wire and was done in 18 minutes. Larry and Terry got there limits, so did Josh and Shawn, and Dan and Steve, and I saw a lot of nets flying out there.

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