Capitola: Mullet man catches limit.

Capitola: .
Some of fish are a little better grad. Larry & Terry were in by 8:30 with limits Kurtis & Myron came in shortly after with limits they were both fishing west side of the hole. 40 to 50 on the wire didn’t seem to matter what they were using.

April 18, 2012   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. greg s - April 18, 2012

    The salmon are on a feeding frenzy each morning until about
    10 then slow down.

    Is the fishing good? While netting one, a free tossed red kroccodile dye #5 with proper hook allowed to sink and retrieved got smacked prompting free spoon action for the other two to limit out. No weight or bait. Just a spoon and smelly jelly accounting for three fish. West side fast action other side of the canyon bigger fish.

    Another school is working its way up from soldiers club to moss landing and steadily north. How known? several have white tags coming from this school.

    Evening Sabiki tossers around the cement ship found a couple little baits( small herring).

    White meat fish will be on the menu soon.

    Their getting bigger as well more fish in the teen 12-15lb size

  2. greg s - April 18, 2012

    Wish Anna was still with us to see the rebound of the fishery