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Capitola: First Rental to Come In with a Salmon

Capitola: Kerri
…four miles past the limit.

But still inside the fleet. Kerri was using a two pound ball with a silver spoon, 45 pulls. It was good that they had enough sense to come in before the wind came up. Bad, Bad Kerri, not following Ed’s rules–we’ll forgive you this time! But still, good job out there today!

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Capitola: Getting A Little Bigger

Capitola: Larry
Like everyone else today, Larry was out on the west side of the Soquel Hole when he picked up these two. He said that they were caught 77 feet under, with a purple haze Kajiki behind a red Hot Spot. Terry was camera shy today but out with Larry and got his two fish as well. They said it was a little rough out there this morning, with what looked like nine foot rolls.

Overall some of the boats were having a harder time with some of the fish being caught deeper, we heard of some fish as far down as 150-180 feet.

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Capitola: Monkster Finally Gets OUt

Capitola: Phil
Phil was fishing the west side of the Soquel Hole as well. He caught these 50-60 under the water, using a white and blue Hootchie.

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Capitola: One Short of the Limit!

Capitola: Andres and John
John and Andres came in with three nice fish. They were fishing the west side of Soquel Hole, 280 feet of water, using a white hootchie behind a red Hot Spot and a watermelon Apex. They were picking these fish up under 60-70 feet of water.

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Capitola: Rock Cod closed? Salmon out too far?

Capitola: Miguel and Seabass
Well, we’re in luck! Looks like there’s life out off the SC3 buoy once again!

Miguel just came in with this 30″ White Seabass he caught using squid, 30 ft down on a Halibut rig. Way to go Miguel! He’s on fire this year!

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