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Capitola: Sporadic Bite

Capitola: Shawn
It wasn’t easy for Josh and Shawn today (or the rest of the boats). They started out where they got their easy, quick limits yesterday. Even though all the bait signs were there, there were no fish biting. They ended up going up to the 10 line, and nothing there either. They went back to 50/06 at about 1:30pm where they finally picked up four nice fish, 80-130 on the wire. Pretty nice chrome fish Shawn!

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Capitola: This is the lattes I’ve ever seen Larry come in.

Capitola: Larry & Myron
Although condition’s were nice it was not easy for most boats to catch a fish today. Larry started at 50-06 trolled all the way up to the 10 line and not a fish. It wasn’t tell he got back to 52-54 and 120 on the wire using blue kajakie and purple haze did catch these four nice fish.

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Capitola: Loretha First fish off the wharf.

Capitola: Lortha & pile perch
It’s still awful slow slow on the wharf.

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Santa Cruz Boat Rental Will Begin Renting Boats Saturday April 28th!

Boats will be available daily starting Saturday April 28th. $80/day or $20/hour. Boats start going out at 6:30am and must be back in by 3pm (weather permitting). Hope to see you down there!

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