Capitola: Top Anglers of the Day

Capitola: Dennis, Shean, & Lycia
Dennis, Shane and his daughter Lycia did best of all the boats today. The first Halibut and Seabass they caught today were out in the middle of the fleet. (There’s a picture of the fleet on a previous post.) They got another after taking a break just outside Surfer’s Reef. Only two of our boats came in with White Seabass today, although a number of them were caught on private boats in the fleet. A few of our boats had fish on, but lost them.

Most of the fish were caught early in the morning, but Shane didn”t catch the one pictured here until 8am. The fish have also been biting later in the afternoon, but the last two days it’s been too windy for most of the boats to even try. It seems to be calm for most of the day over by Sponge Bob, but pretty breezy outside the Mile Reef.

Fishing on the wharf has been pretty slow. The night before last night, Ed heard of a few people fishing off the end of the wharf catching big sardines, 2 at a time, on bait jigs.

Also, Just a reminder for all of you heading down to the wharf this Sunday: The Wharf-to-Wharf race will be causing a road closure at about 5:30am. Be sure to plan ahead, you might have a long walk with all your gear if you aren’t here extra early.

July 19, 2012   Posted in: Fishing Reports