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Capitola: Caught at Capi mile bouy

Capitola: 1 drift 1Fish
….After closing up shop..
Touched the “Anna Bouy” and dropped down in Honor of Ed….1 drop,1 fish
Plus the fight took place during a beautiful sunset….
Thank You Ed for everything you’ve shared with Me. I am grateful to be your friend. I appreciate you. .. … ….Samuel Boyd Yoro

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Capitola: This cool kid scored his first Cabezon while crab nettting….

Capitola: caught in crab net
….This little Cabezon was caught in a crab net bought at Capitola Boat & Bait for 0nly $1.50. The fish was eating the small crabs that were eatin’ his bait.
This fish was released.. Cabezons can grow up to 15 + pounds.

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Capitola: Gideon- Green “Ling”… Live bitesized Kingfish @ Capi….Mile Bouy a.k.a. Anna’s Bouy

Capitola: Green Ling

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Capitola: Michael Mendez & Prudencia.. 31 inch blue LingCod, Frozen Squid: kelp line just outside Privates

Capitola: Big "Ling"

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