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Capitola: Glen Larson- Same Fish Better Shot

Capitola: Same Lunker Different Angle
It’s rare that you see a double post on a single fish but I’m sure you’ll agree that this fish & fisherman are worthy…. … .. .><}}});>

Everyone says; ‘Glen does it again…!’

Sambo says; “Glen is the most consistant ‘Catcherman’ I’ve known….He always come in with a good catch even when everyone else’s is strugglin’ to get bit.” (There’s Fisherman and then there is Catcherman)

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Capitola: Glen “Ling King” Larson- 22# Monsta Lingcod..took a live kingfish on Surfer’s Reef.

Capitola: Glen's got major skillz for reelz..catches enough fish to pay the billz ;-)
…. Glen says; “it almost took me back down to it’s cod cave but I put the brakes on ‘em and turned ‘em just in time before he could rub me off….

So much for the big one always getting away.. Thanks Glen for giving us hope and showing us how it’s done proper. FISH ON!!!! Come ON. .. … ….><}}});>

!!~~~~(Biggest Ling of the year yet)~~~~!!

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