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Capitola: Mondo, Striped surf perch,

Capitola: .
Mondo likes to walk the beaches, this wasn’t taken from the wharf.

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Video of that whale!

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Apparently stenography and cheese do not mix

We just completed a move of the web site to a new much more capable server.

The upgrade included a software update and and some minor enhancements. Most significant of the enhancements is spam protection.

Basically the post comments had become property of the blog spammers and we couldn’t see the forest for the trees (there was a *lot* of spam in the comments database). So we deleted all the spam and enabled some new stuff to keep the spammers out.

The spam blocking is so good, in fact, that we’re going to see if we can just turn off comment moderation altogether. That may not last, but we’ll see.

Point being: if you’re one of those who’s inclined to post comments but hasn’t been because it’s been busted here, please give it another try. It’d be nice if we could sort of re-claim the discussion here.

- The (ex) Stenographer
(somewhere in Wisconsin)

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Capitola: Anthony & Rubber lip perch, Mile reef.

Capitola: .

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Capitola: There was a gray whale right next to the wharf!

Capitola: Whale
RIGHT below our hoist just a few minutes ago. So neat!

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Capitola: Eric Warnner of Capitola with the second halibut Mile reef, frozen anchovy.

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Capitola: Risso Dolphines & Gray Whales.

Capitola: .

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