Apparently stenography and cheese do not mix

We just completed a move of the web site to a new much more capable server.

The upgrade included a software update and and some minor enhancements. Most significant of the enhancements is spam protection.

Basically the post comments had become property of the blog spammers and we couldn’t see the forest for the trees (there was a *lot* of spam in the comments database). So we deleted all the spam and enabled some new stuff to keep the spammers out.

The spam blocking is so good, in fact, that we’re going to see if we can just turn off comment moderation altogether. That may not last, but we’ll see.

Point being: if you’re one of those who’s inclined to post comments but hasn’t been because it’s been busted here, please give it another try. It’d be nice if we could sort of re-claim the discussion here.

- The (ex) Stenographer
(somewhere in Wisconsin)

March 23, 2014   Posted in: Announcements and News, Fishing Reports

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  1. Alex Sigala - March 23, 2014

    I have tried posting in the past. Would like to say to anyone visiting the capitola area and considering renting a boat or fishing on the pier or just looking for advise. The folks a capitola boat rental are AWESOME !!! I live in Salinas and always look forward to visiting everyone there. Appreciate all the help. Bulldog ( Alex ) the Honda guy.

  2. Greg - March 24, 2014

    Capitola features some of the most diverse fishing you will find anywhere. Species in the local waters typically caught are excellent eating rock fish,ling-cod,Halibut, Sea-bass, And salmon in season. Exotics range from the great fighting thresher shark,and private launching opportunities to go after migrating tuna and other pelagic species. Inshore Striped bass ,several species of perch,not to mention all the incredible photo opportunities of local marine life.

    Capitola has very skilled knowledgeable fishermen, Supplies and tackle for all your needs to have a great fishing experience. and unique gifts as well. Skiff rentals and mooring opportunities to keep your vessel safe with ship to shore service. Expert knowledge of the Monterey Bay Waters with an extremely kid friendly staff encouraging our future generation of fishermen to be better fishermen. Did I mention the annual Kids tournament?

    Capitola has a clean, safe beach as well for those just looking to relax with plenty of local culinary choices to grab a quick bite or have a full ocean view dinning experience.

    Well worth the time to drive and come enjoy all the great
    opportunities available.

  3. Greg - March 28, 2014

    State and Fed agencies have agreed to truck 30 million juvenile salmon from hatcheries including the Coleman hatchery to holding areas in the lower part of the delta and S.F bay area.

    This is the largest effort ever in trucking the Salmon in Ca history whereby their 2016 returning numbers will have a much better survival rate considering the dry year with low water levels the smolts would other wise have faced.

    State and federal fishery agencies are hauling the salmon from (5)hatcheries, 450,000 hauled this week from the Coleman hatchery which is great news for fishermen concerned about the projected 2016 returning year class.