May 4, 2019   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. greg - May 5, 2019

    WOW a wobbegong Shark sorta looks like a spotted wobbe which I understand are good eating and the skin is used for many decorative items like hat bands, belts. Sometimes called a carpet shark. 1st one i have ever seen in our local water around capitola. Add the Big brown trigger fish posted below which we have seen before and you have two extremely unusual fish. Add Bluefin tuna boiling on the W.Edge of the Soquel in May which are hitting cedar plugs and you have a BAJA invasion!!!!!!!!!! WArm water el nino ? God knows whats next

  2. greg - May 5, 2019

    Wobbegong WOW that’s amazing for our area. Also Note the Big brown triggerfish also caught which we have seen before but very rare. Bluefin also caught today by salmon anglers in the soquel hole switching over to cedar plugs and poppers. A baja invasion in MAY!!!! Bizarre as it gets