Rock Cod, Cabezon, and Greenling (the “RCG Complex”) will be opening May 1st. Reserve your boat now!

There are a few key things to remember as you enjoy the marine environment of Monterey Bay.

  • Fishing license
    • If you fish from the Wharf, you do not need a license, courtesy of Public Trust Doctrine traditions public wharves have evolved with.
    • If you step on the beach or into a boat, you need a fishing license. Click here for more information.
  • The Fish & Game code rules for south of Pigeon Point apply:
    • Anglers must closely attend to their gear; you cannot leave lines in the water unattended.
    • Bag limits(2007 update from Calif Fish & Game): “Within the general bag and possession limit of 10 fish per day of all species,with no more than 10 of the “RCG complex”, that is, rockfish, cabezon, greenling.
    • Click here to keep up to date with the Department of Fish and Game’s current rules for our region.
    • Here is a quick reference you might want to print out and bring with you to save some reading time
  • Gear:
    • for salmon fishing, you must use “circle” hooks when “mooching”, that is, boat not under power.
    • if “trolling”, that is, boat is under power, you can use hooks other than circle as long as they are barbless.
    • Two hook jigs may be used for rockfish and others.
    • Throw nets, spears, and arrows may be used. Crab hoops may be used.

When in doubt, always check the Department of Fish and Game’s web site or one of their regulation booklets for the current year!